SPA Termal

By the Ocean in the far southwest of the S. Miguel Island – Azores, lies Ferraria.

Integrated in the Regional Natural Monument of Pico das Camarinhas and Ponta da Ferraria, this area of Natures protection has various structures of Vulcanic origin, with great landscape and scientific value.

This geologic event is prior to the population of S. Miguel Island and was originated by a Strombolian eruption, that built a cone of slag that caused a lava drain. The lava went down the cliff and a lavic platform was created down by the sea. The entry of this lavic current in the sea caused a phreatic explosion that created a conic shaped volcanic structure, topped by a crater. It wasn’t a common crater, because it didn’t have a volcanic chimney from whose depth the magma would come. This crater is scientifically designated pseudocrater and is considered by its singularity and beauty a Geomonument to preserve.

Beyond its beauty and scientific interest, the place of Ferraria has another great richness: Two springs of volcanic thermal water, who warm the waters of the natural pool in Ferraria and that are used in the Thermal SPA. The therapeutic qualities of the of Ferraria’s thermal waters lead it to become almost a place of worship.

As Termas da Ferraria started in the mid XX century, but the qualities of its waters were quote four centuries ago by Gaspar Frutuoso in its book “Saudades da Terra”(“Homesick of the land”)

Considered  a unique situation in the World, due to the existence thermal salt water with a high concentration of sulfur , the waters of Ferraria, besides treating rheumatism and nephritis are also used for other problems.

With the recently concluded investment, it was possible to keep the lines of the original building and simultaneously equip it with state of the art technology, allowing to create a modern Thermal SPA, that combines the traditional thermal concept with therapeutic and medicinal objectives to a more modern side of thermal tourism, Physical Therapy techniques, relaxation and Well Being


Ferraria Thermal SPA is opened  from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Whenever the maintenance day (Monday) are on a Holiday, Ferraria Thermal SPA will be opened, and will close in the day ahead.
Upon reservation, and respecting the conditions in the program “night SPA”, the schedule may be until 10:00 p.m.

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