Ferraria Thermal SPA has a perfect setting and human resources to welcome various events such has, birthday parties, weddings or any other celebrations or memorable happenings.
The outdoor activities available at Ferraria Thermal SPA are developed in partnership with specialized companies and organizations gifted with the appropriate resourses.

Sports and Adventure Activities

Climbing, pedestrianism, diving, canoeing, fishing, geocaching, are some of the activities that you can enjoy in Ferraria. After the physical activity, you will have waiting for you a cozy Thermal SPA, and a friendly team of Physical Therapists waiting to pamper you with a Relaxing massage, a reviving treatment or other of our innumerous services that Ferraria Thermal SPA prepared thinking of the WellBeing of all, that pass through this magical place.

Programs Meeting & Spa

It’s known that the success of organizations lies in the motivation of the co-workers and business partners. Furthermore, besides good training and information it’s fundamental to have motivation and will to apply them the best way.

Saying it another way, success resides in the association of MOTIVATION+ACTION.

Considering this reality, Termas da Ferraria developed the product Meeting & SPA, an open program, adapted to each customer whose baseline is the combination of business meetings, with leisure moments. This allows the interaction between companies, partners and co-workers and the creation of bonds, understanding and a more effective relationship.